Syntheses and Characterization Techniques

We make use of the following characterization techniques


Electrochemical Characterization

Biologic VMP3 – Multi-channel potentiostat

16 independent channels

Impedanz spectroscopy; galvanostatic and potentiostatic measurements



Adsorptive Characterization

Measurement of Physisorption, Chemisorption and Vaporsorption of different Adsorptives

CryoCooler allows measurement between 20 - 1000 K

Characterization of porous materials and powders - Investigation of micro- and ultramicropores



Mechanochemical Syntheses

Solvent-free syntheses by planetary ball mills

vessels between 12 and 250 ml
milling materials out of: siliconnitride, zirconium dioxide, tempered steel and tungsten carbide
different ball diameters between 1 and 20 mm