"The real power of the deep"

Alternative Energy Storage

Our Mission

Methane hydrates constitute the world´s untapped natural gas reserves, located deep under sea and in the permafrost. These structures are ideal for the storage and the transportation of natural gas since they can be handled at higher temperature compared to liquefied gas and lower pressure compared to pressurized gas. However, the growth of artificial methane hydrate has kinetic limitations, currently limiting any possible exploitation of this technology in highly demanding sectors like the automotive industry. We utilizes porous host structures, particularly high surface area activated carbons to overcome these limitations. The nanoconfinement effect in the carbon cavities is responsible for an outstanding enhancement in the growth kinetics. The thereby stored amount of methane is eight times higher compared to pressurized gas storage systems (at 40 bars) and currently 173 % higher than adsorptive storage in porous carbons.

Methane hydrat.png