Mechanochemistry as a sustainable approach for the synthesis and functionalization of nanostructured carbon materials in the electrochemical energy storage


Our Mission

The realization of goals from the "Energiekonzept 2050" (energy concept 2050) presents one of the big challenges in the years to come. It is intertwined with  the utilization of renewable energies like wind and solar power. The discontinuity of these sources, as well as their poor suitability for mobility  applications compared to fossil fuels, brings forth the need of efficient energy storage.

In the course of the project "Mechanocarb" we work on establishing mechanochemistry as a resource, energy and time efficient synthesis method towards carbon-based electrode materials. In addition to obtaining a basic understanding of the mechanochemical generation of porosity in carbon materials, we aim to produce porous carbon from renewable resources or waste materials and electrochemically characterize them as supercapacitor and Li-S electrode materials.

The Juniour Research Group “Mechanocarb” is funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF)
And is a project of the funding initative
„Materialforschung für die Energiewende“ 03SF0498